H3325 ST28 Tobacco Gladstone Oak
H3154 ST36 Dark Brown Charleston Oak
H3704 ST15 Tobacco Aida Walnut
H3058 ST22 Mali Wenge
H1428 ST22 Woodline mocha
H3353 ST9 Grey Cortina Oak
H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak
H3331 ST10 Nebraska Natural Oak
H3410 ST22 Sand Larch
H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak
H3303 ST10 Natural Hamilton Oak
F584 ST22 Fino Cinnamon
H3012 ST22 Coco Bolo
F187 ST9 Dark Grey Chicago Concrete
F186 ST9 Light Grey Chicago Concrete
F509 ST2 Aluminium
U206 ST9 Malaga
U999 ST2 Black
U961 ST2 Graphite
U727 ST9 Stone Gray
U732 ST9 Dust Grey
U156 ST9 Beige Sandy
U702 ST9 Cashmere Grey
U216 ST9 Came Beige
H1733 ST9 Mainau Birch
H1277 ST9 Light Lakeland Acacia
H1424 ST22 Woodline Creme
H3078 ST22 Hacienda white
W1000 ST9 Premium White
W1000 ST30 White Premium


The managers and designers of KOMANDOR will be happy to answer any questions, suggest the best solutions for your library or office, suggest how to organize the space in the service room or in the hall, design a dressing room or choose between sliding doors, folding and with hinges.

Our highly qualified specialists in the field of repair and decoration can perform any work, including electrical installation and all types of reconstruction.

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