KOMANDOR offers customers cupboards by more than 80 colors of laminated panels Krono (Switzerland) and Egger (Austria), more than 1000 colors of lacquered glossy and matte panels, as well as a large selection of multi-colored glass company Colorimo.

The interior of each cupboard is discussed individually with the client. Thanks to the special program KOMANDOR Design, the client participates in the process of creating the internal space of the cupboard depending on its needs. The range of doors for cupboard has a large selection of opening and execution systems:

  • Swing doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Folding doors
  • Attic doors

KOMANDOR 2017 Scena01 View02 BIG P
Armario Proform
Lamany  (04)
Armario Puertas Blanco Cristal
Armarios Plegable2
Armarios Barcelona Esquina Madera
Armarios Barcelona Correderas Cristal
Armario Puertas Abatibles Barcelona 2
Armario Puertas Abatibles Barcelona 1
Armario Pasillo 2
Armarios Barcelona Esquina Negro
Armario Puertas Gris
Armario Puertas Abatibles Barcelona
Armario Puertas Correderas Barcelona
KOMANDOR 2017 Scena01 View01 BIG FIX P (1)
Armario Puertas Correderas Barcelona
Armario Libros
Armario Puertas Correderas Barcelona 1
Armarios Barcelona Empotrados
Armarios Barcelona Plegables Cristal
Armarios Salon
Armario Helio Green
Armarios Barcelona Plegables
Armario Con Puertas Abatibles De Cristal
Armarios Plegables
Armarios Heliodor
Armario Grey
Armario Cristal Puertas
Armario Con Puertas Corredixas De Cristal


The managers and designers of KOMANDOR will be happy to answer any questions, suggest the best solutions for your library or office, suggest how to organize the space in the service room or in the hall, design a dressing room or choose between sliding doors, folding and with hinges.

Our highly qualified specialists in the field of repair and decoration can perform any work, including electrical installation and all types of reconstruction.

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