The style and design of the kitchen is given special attention. The company KOMANDOR in Barcelona offers its customers stylish, comfortable, custom-made kitchens of various shapes from more than 2000 colors.

The facades of the kitchen KOMANDOR can be made of veneer, lacquered glossy and matte surfaces, laminated and MDF panels, of frosted and glossy glass.

Cocina Manzanas A Medida
Cocina Contemp
Cocina Manzanas
Cocina Sm
Cocina Incl2
Cocina Komandor Gris
Cocina Inclinada
Cocina New
Cocina Gloria
Cocina Negra A Medida Barcelona
Cocina A Medida De Madera
Cocina Heliodor2
Cocina Komandor Gris2
Cocina Manzanas2
Cocina Aurelia
Cocina Heliodor
Cocina Komandor Beig
Cocina Prof5
Cocina Komandor Gris Barcelona
Cocina A Medida
Cocina Prof 4
Cocina Komandor Gris (2)
Cocina Proform1
Cocina Komandor 2
Cocina Negra A Medida Barcelona Prof
Cocina Proform Ing
Cocina Komandor
Cocina Proform


The managers and designers of KOMANDOR will be happy to answer any questions, suggest the best solutions for your library or office, suggest how to organize the space in the service room or in the hall, design a dressing room or choose between sliding doors, folding and with hinges.

Our highly qualified specialists in the field of repair and decoration can perform any work, including electrical installation and all types of reconstruction.

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