A kitchen that interprets modernity, combining the elegance of innovative materials with the technology of the cabinet doors with aluminium frames. The resulting spaces are functional, beautiful and enhanced by elegant reflections from the glass and the rich texture of materials such as Laminam, also available for worktops. The cabinet door of the T16 kitchen is one of a kind, combining different materials within a single element and offering a choice of stylish door fronts, including in tempered glass with a glossy and matt finish in six different colours and stoneware in six more varieties of materials.

Armony T16 C1 1
Armony T16 C1 2
Armony T16 C16 5
Armony T16 C16 3
Armony T16 C1 5
Armony T16 C1 3
Armony T16 C15 3
Cocina A Medida España
Armony T16 C2 1b
Armony T16 C16 2
Armony T16 C1 4
Armony T16 C2 2
Armony T16 C16 4


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